Backup with higher prioriy



in our network is a file server and about 20 clients, which are incremental file backup at daytime. Urbackup allows 3 backups at the same timeat our Urbackup server and so all clients can be backuped once a day. The Urbackup server can’t do more than 3 backup at the same time, because we are backing up about 20 million files on each client.
We need a solution, so that the clients can use 2 backup slots at the same time for their daily backup and the server has one backup slot to be saved once an hour. Is there a way to define priority slots for client and server groups, though that the maximum backups at the same time can be defined to allow the server backups at each time. Or will I have to use an extra Urbackup server to backup our file server.

Any hints




20M files is a lot , maybe have a look at virtual clients in the doc, and try to split the path to be backuped
Like a virtual clients for often modified files another for less changing files. Or maybe the database for one and the files for another.
Virtual clients can work at separate frequencies, have différent retention settings, can be deleted separately, can fail and success separately.