Backup to external storage question

so I’m wondering how everyone is making offline backups? I mean there is no mechanism in urbackup to make an offline copy of the backups - so aside from copying the entire backup drive to a USB, is there another way? I’m concerned about breaking links within the backup. This is on Windows server 2019.


I use a robocopy script to save \Urbackup_dir\clients folder to usb disk;
I run this script manually, but it can be automated in scheduled activity …
Not a definitive solution, but it’s enough for me …

Yeah, I think that’s probably the best idea. Which flags do you use for it? /COPYALL and /MIR or something else?

this is my setting

robocopy R:\Urbackup\clients D:\urbackup /MIR /MT /R:2 /W:3 /XD .hashes /LOG:D:\copy.log

Interesting, what made you choose to exclude .hashes? wouldn’t that information be important if you had to rebuild the backup server?

because my goal is to have an emergency off.line backup set with only real data … just in case of disater and need to restore same files on original pc…

if you prefer to have a complete machine backup, perhaps the best way is to make an image backup via windows backup ( wbadmin ) or another similar tool …

It’s not a full machine backup I was considering - honestly it was both for what you’re referring to, but also if my backup server dies or is corrupted, so I can reinstall the OS, urbackup and get back to where I was without having to waste storage on a full image - especially since I’m not sure how well urbackup recovery disk would handle the raid 1 that’s on this server.