Backup parameters

Hi, it will be great to have an option to backup parameters and server files + db (no user files) to easily reconstruct Urbackup server if there is a crash

Hi! Perhaps this is not quite what you want…

UrBackup Automatically backup UrBackup database and server_ident keys.
Official documentation: 8.1.12 Automatically backup UrBackup database

For restore: stop service, copy /media/BACKUP/urbackup/urbackup to /var/urbackup, start service.

Since the entire database will be restored, all the backups will be in the web interface but that you cannot use them (because you did not transfer the client backups datas).
For remove nonexistent backups use:
urbackupsrv remove-unknown

Official documentation: 11.4 Cleaning the storage folder of files not known by UrBackup