Backup Grinds to a Snails Pace

Please follow this sequence of events:
















These backups are being performed on SVR1.
As can be seen in the logs:
Backup Svr1 is crawling through the C:\Windows directory.
Backup Dispatch is crawling through a C:.…\Firefox directory.

Does anyone know why Urbackup slows down like this, as shown above?
Any help to troubleshoot this would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Seems it might simply be the storage you’re backing up to being overloaded by the 2 concurrent backups. Or it’s an SMR drive on which the cache is getting filled.

Thanks kilrah for your response.

The backup drive is a WDC WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB1 4000.7 GB.
According to the data at “List of WD CMR and SMR hard drives (HDD) – NAS Compares” the WD4000FYYZ type drives are CMR not SMR.
I know the difference and would not use an SMR drive with Urbackup.

The drive is not near full.

Also please notice the last three “Activities” images.
The time of creation of the third-to-last to the last “Activities” image is 3:06:31 to 4:27:52.
That’s 1 hr : 21 mins between creation of the images.
There were no files in either queue for the entire time yet, the ETA continues to increase.
The set speed maximums are 500Mbps global and 166Mbps per client.

Dispatch remained at 8.33GB done for the entire time.
Svr2 managed to save an additional 778MB in 1 hour and 21 minutes.
That’s about 160KB or 1.28MBit/s.

Info 04/29/23 06:07 Transferred 21.0075 GB - Average speed: 9.65942 MBit/s|
Info 04/29/23 06:07 Time taken for backing up client SVR2: 5h 15m 20s|

Info 04/29/23 06:23 Transferred 9.72594 GB - Average speed: 4.4849 MBit/s
Info 04/29/23 06:23 Time taken for backing up client DISPATCH: 5h 18m 16s.

Regarding one client being delayed because another client has a large queue.
I will now limit the backup to one client at a time and see what happens.

All for now

Since you’re on Windows, you could run CrystalDiskMark to test the speed of the HDD you are backing up to. That might tell you if your problem is with UrBackup or with your computer disk I/O.

Your speeds look like what I was getting when I was using a Raspberry Pi 3 for my UrBackup server. Not only is that slow and memory limited, but it uses only USB2. Additionally, that USB bandwidth is shared with the WiFi (how my Pi was connected). Once I moved my UrBackup server to more capable hardware, the backups that used to take multiple hours - sometimes over a day for a full backup - now complete in 3 to 8 minutes. And my current UrBackup server hardware is not fast by todays standards: An AMD FX-8350 CPU (over ten years old) with 16Gb ram running Linux/Docker. I typically see UrBackup reporting transfer speeds of 525 Mbs from a wired client, WiFi clients are slower.

Also, are your server or your clients connected via WiFi? There are many ways that could kill your speeds too. You can run from the server and clients to check WiFi speeds. These results will most likely be limited by your internet connection speed, but if you see speeds reported that are way below your expected internet connection speeds, that could indicate something in your home network/WiFi is amiss.

Hello All,

Backups are now acceptable since I changed the operation to only 1 client at a time.
It is good enough to get the prescribed backup work done on a daily basis.
Here are some real figures:
Urbackup server speed limited to 500Mbps.
No client speed limit.
DISPATCH Workstation:
05/13/23 05:27 Transferred 78.9995 GB - Average speed: 60.3533 MBit/s
05/13/23 05:27 Time taken for backing up client DISPATCH: 8h 11m 15s

05/13/23 10:42 Transferred 24.6897 GB - Average speed: 372.698 MBit/s
05/13/23 10:42 Time taken for backing up client DISPATCH: 9m 49s

05/13/23 23:21 Transferred 10.9105 GB - Average speed: 14.0145 MBit/s
05/13/23 23:21 Time taken for backing up client DISPATCH: 1h 53m 45s

05/14/23 15:41 Transferred 25.3077 GB - Average speed: 375.176 MBit/s
05/14/23 15:41 Time taken for backing up client DISPATCH: 9m 59s

05/14/23 23:43 Transferred 6.02953 GB - Average speed: 12.0427 MBit/s
05/14/23 23:43 Time taken for backing up client DISPATCH: 1h 17m 45s

SVR2 Server:
05/14/23 12:57 Transferred 220.683 GB - Average speed: 165.862 MBit/s
05/14/23 12:57 Time taken for backing up client SVR2: 7h 2m 28s

05/14/23 14:19 Transferred 23.6752 GB - Average speed: 308.397 MBit/s
05/14/23 14:19 Time taken for backing up client SVR2: 11m 17s

05/15/23 07:02 Transferred 27.3952 GB - Average speed: 80.3018 MBit/s
05/15/23 07:02 Time taken for backing up client SVR2: 52m 2s

Now, no client gets stalled with it set to do only one backup at a time.

All for now