Backup Failures?

I still trying to get something to backup. I get the following errors in log for one WinXP system:

Errors 17.10.14 04:11 Getting MBR for drive SYSVOL failed
Errors 17.10.14 04:11 Timeout: Getting MBR for drive SYSVOL failed

I assume this means that the backup is no good and I should delete all the files. Not sure why getting message about MBR. Any thoughts?

On another system that’s Win7 I get the following:

Errors 11.10.14 09:13 Error getting Client settings of KIRK. Error code: FILE_DOESNT_EXIST (3)

I assume these backups are bad too based on error message?

And then on a Win8.1 machine, I get the following:

16.10.14 15:15 Constructing of filelist of “Janeway” failed - TIMEOUT(1) Errors
16.10.14 15:15 Backup had errors. Deleting partial backup.

Another bad backup where I should delete any files created?

And finally, there’s a Ubuntu machine (same as urbackup server) for which I have nothing to show as it doesn’t even get far enough to produce a log.

Still trying to make this work but I’m not sure how to approach these problems.

Appreciate any suggestions or thoughts.