Backup completes with lots of errors


Server: Centos7x64 with urbackup-server 1.4.12 with iSCSI mount
-“Cache database type for file entries” is SQLite
-“Cache database size for file entries” is set to 20000MB

Client: Centos6x64 with urbackup-client-nogui 1.4.9
-Internet client
-Incremental file backups every 4 hours
-Internet incremental file backup transfer mode: Raw

Client is a busy mail server with ~5000 domains, with constantly changing files
Backups are successful, but have hundreds if errors similar to:

Error getting complete file
from Errorcode: FILE_DOESNT_EXIST (3)

I’m guessing that by the time the file tree is build some emails change directories as email clients check their emails.
(ex. new emails moved from …/Maildir/new to …/Maildir/cur…).

Any way I can remedy this situation?


Im new here, but are you using like LVM Snapshots, when doing backup?

No LVM snapshots, no image backups, no full file backups…I’m using incremental file backup only.

You either need to backup with a snaphot or stop the mail server during backup (see step 7 here for an example).

Stopping mail server is not option. Thanks for the link I’ll have to check it tomorrow.

FYI: I used rsync prior to urbackup for this task, and as of rsync3 the directory tree is built and compared in chunks as oppose to building the entire directory tree (in my case millions of files). So i had very little to none “file not found errors”. Maybe a cool feature addition for urbackup2? :smile:

I’ll do some tests and report in few days

PS: looking forward to urbackup2 to be out of beta :wink:

The UrBackup 2 binary Linux client has included snapshot scripts for LVM, btrfs and dattobd, so it even may fix your problem.

Thanks Uroni.

In my case snapshots (unfortunately) is not an option.
Reason I require a file backup is that I need to be able to restore certain files on the fly.

I’ll patiently wait for Urbackup2 to be out of Beta and if this wont solve it I can always revert to rsync for this specific task.

Appreciate your time.


Why is it snapshot is not an option?