Automatically detect missing full backup VHDs and hash files


we have had to replace the backup disk where only the backups were stored because the hardware failed. The database and temp directories resided on the other disk which not was replaced. After that all the PCs successfully backup files but the incremental image backups fail because of the missing full backup VHD and hash files:
03.03.14 11:06 Error opening hashfile
03.03.14 11:06 Backup failed
all the time, maybe hundret times a day when the client is online (he tries again and again and again), it´s bugging the log.

To resolve this issue I can manually start an image backup of the relevant PCs. But that is anoying: we backup our mobile users, half of them is not here when I look in. So I have to open the server interface every day and look who is online and still having this problem to start full backup interactively.

Couldn´t you implement that when incremental is triggered but the full files are missing UrBackup automatically detects missing full backup and then do a full instead of the triggered incremental?

I think running the “remove_unknown” script fixes this:

I’ll see if something can be done to improve this situation, but it may be detrimental if the storage is only temporarily offline/corrupted and you don’t notice it.

This only would be a problem if you run this check scheduled and decision gets saved for this or all clients.

If this check runs every time the inc backup gets started it would not be no problem if the storage is temporarily offline. If it is offline for inc backup it is also offline for full backup - if it´s back again with the full vhd backup the normal inc backup runs as normal and there is no need to fallback to full.

Did you ever get a solution to this? I am having the same issue but cannot seem to get a grip on why it is happening. We get the email alerts telling us this but don’t know how to prevent it from happning in the first place.