Attempted Incremental File Backup Outside Of Scheduled Backup Window

For about the last two or three weeks, I see in the Last activities list that all clients are seemingly attempting to perform an incremental file backup every day which is occurring outside of my backup window setting. My backup window time is from 08:00am to 23:59pm and these attempts are all listed at 03:23am.The “Action” is always “Deleting incremental file backup”, Required time is always 0 minutes and Used storage is always a negative value (i.e. -1.83GB).

I am wondering why this is happening and should I even care? All other activity seems to be happening successfully and within scheduled times.

Thank you…

Deleting old backups is part of the cleanup job.
Check to see when the Cleanup window is.
3:23am should be in it.

That would be in the cleanup window time, but I didn’t think backups were deleted each day. At least, not daily for two weeks - or so - in a row.

I will pay more attention from now on to see if every client is listed and if they all show a negative value.


Once the number of backups reach the max limit, the oldest will be deleted every day, assuming you backup daily.


I assumed when the global quota setting was breached and then reduced down to below 80% would have removed enough backups so the number of backups would also be reduced to below the max limit. I don’t know if that made any sense.

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