Any volunteers for testing Server 0.25 + Client 0.39?

Help for testing Server 0.25 + Client 0.39 wanted. Especially the Windows server. I created MSI installers so the test matrix is kind of exploding there.

Would really be appreciated!

I will be your tester.
I will install the client and the server in my company.
Where can I download the new versions?

Is it possible to do work the UrBackup client in Windows 2000? … :(

I uploaded it to sourceforge:

If you need

  • The new restore cd which can restore multiple volumes
  • A linux version
    Just tell me and I’ll upload them as well.

But, sorry it won’t work on Windows 2000, because it uses the Volume Shadow Copy service (VSS) which did not exist in Win2000. I guess I could produce a version, without the image backup and which cannot backup open files, but Windows 2000. Seriously? ;)

But thanks for testing!

I have tested the client and the server in Windows server 2003.

The client software (0.39) fails during installation.

The server software (0.25) doesnt run properly in the browser.

Can you say me any email to send images?



Does a browser refresh help (F5)?

Tested the Client on a Windows Server 2003 x64. I had to restart after I installed it. (Probably because I renamed a service)

Refresh doesnt work.

I have sent the images to your email.


When will the new version is ready?


I think I’m going to add them tonight. Did you have any more problems with the release candidates?

Already edited the changelogs and FAQ on the website :)