Any Plans to implement differential backups in future server releases?

Are there any plans to implement differential backups in future server releases?

Isn’t it doing that already (Block differences)?

For file backups it makes no sense in urbackup, because all backups, including full are essentially stored as incremental. The full is fully transferred, but it still act as a safety mesure, because al files are rechecked.

For image backups, i guess that if you do daily image backup (would need the cbt plugin to be manageable) it would make some sense to have monthly full , weekly differential, daily incremental scheme.

@silversword, an incremental is the difference between the last backup, a differential is the difference between the last full back. You need to google the difference between both and backup chains explanations.

I’m pretty sure I know the difference. The semantic word choice of “incremental”, and “backup chains” is irrelevant in the context of the question:

They’re basically wanting a backup that doesn’t transfer the full files every time. Because UrBackup File backup is fundamentally a block based backup system:

I’m saying it’s ALREADY DOING a “differential backup” based on the UrBackup block size of 512kbyte in size:

NO. Example…
I complete a FULL backup and the next day the incremental runs but during the time in between the FULL and incremental I’ve added additional files in the directory that is being backed up. The incremental does NOT back up the new files I’ve added. This can only be done be either a daily FULL backup or and differential backup. I’d prefer NOT to do a FULL daily backup.


That shouldn’t be, urbackup should backup the new files you added.
If it s happen with urbackup it may be a bug.
Maybe it s something minor like a permission issue on the specific files you checked.

Please update client and server.
Then retry and if that still works the same, please put both in debug mode. and post the logs with the os informations for client/server as well as which file-system was used. So @uroni can have a look at it.