All WAN Clients "Waiting for Server"


Not to sure what the issue is as nothing has changed… But WAN clients are all stuck on “Waiting for Server”,
If you start a manual backup from client… If you do it form the server GUI, nothing at all starts, i.e. No activity etc.

LAN Clients working…
All WAN clients see the server and say they are connected etc… WAN clients can access/restore backup on the server etc.

Have checked firewall and services and all are the same and good.

Nothing in the logs since 26th as that was the last backup that worked… No errors/warnings nothing… Both server and client side.

Server: Windows 10 - 2.2.11
Clients: Windows 10 0 2.2.5/6


I’d have a look at the server debug log. E.g. go to logs -> “live log” -> “All clients”. Then try to start a backup on the server and e.g. post the debug messages here.


Thanks for the feedback…

I am getting this:
10/29/18 14:47 DEBUG Cannot do image backup because no_images=true


Then you should enable image backups in the general settings…


The thing is, i am not doing image backup’s on this machine. Just file backup’s. Got me stumped as nothing changed and all other machine, including remote machines are working.


I know it is seeing and connecting to the server, as if i change settings on the client they change on the server…
Just sits there saying Waiting for Server…UrBackup-Waiting4Server


In short. I could not work out what the hell was causing this issue… So Uninstalled client and re-installed client… Still it would have been nice to know what the issue was etc.