Activities Tab -> restore jobs

UrBackup server v2.1.19, Windows Server 2012R2
UrBackup client v2.1.16, Windows Server 2008R2

When I do a Restore job to restore an individual file or folder, the Activities “tab” of the web interface shows the restore job in process. However, I notice that there doesn’t seem to be a way to Stop a restore job like there is for backup jobs. There is also no “Show log” button.

Question 1) Is there a way to cancel a restore job once it has been started?
Question 2) Is there a way to see the log for a restore job as it’s running?

If no, to either/both, then I’d definitely like to make that a feature request for this fine backup software!

I also Missing the Cancel Restore button, now i am running 2 Times a 1.8 TB Restore from the same folder. Realy bad :frowning: