Activated btrfs snapshot capability too late. How to take advantage of it now?


Well, I set up a server on a btrfs subvolume and didn’t activate it writing the backupfolder file under /etc/urbackup.

Now, I’ve activated it after some machines already created their backups… do I have to do anything to take advantage of btrfs snapshotting now that the backups have been already created?

What’s the best course of action? Do I have to start over?


I think you just change the format in which you save the backups.
From vhd/vhdz to raw cow file.

That option was missing till you passed urbackup_snapshot_helper test

I guess it will do the next backup full backup.


He s speaking about the fast that urbackup can now store file backups as a set of btrfs snapshots, instead of linking between different backup versions.


It did finally just start using the feature for the next backups. Didn’t have to do anything.


Where do you see that its using the feature?


Logged into the server via ssh, listed the btrfs subvolumes and saw multiple subvolumes :slight_smile: