About UrBackup Appliance & daDup


with the risk of this message being deleted for ‘spamming’, I wanted to drop this link here. I’ve played with @uroni’s UrBackup Appliance in the last week and I was pleasantly surprised with how it worked. Obviously my main goal was testing interoperability with our daDup S3 service (which works like a charm), but also the level of ease the Appliance offers compared to the loose UrBackup server is a nice surprise.

So, if you read this and you want to try UrBackup Appliance and daDup (because who would want to store EU-data in the US), feel free to order an account on dadup.eu and drop me a PM. I will give you the first TB for free for a month.

My blogposting: https://www.tuxis.nl/blog/dadup-as-urbackup-appliance-storage-20190820/

Just my personal opinion here:

But I’m sorry dude that blog is laid out like something from the 90’s. If you want to sell something you need to have a decent website. See this forum? It is nice and clean and minimalist.