A way to remote monitor backup status?

Artyomtsybulkin, your link was broken. Can u publish your solution again? Thanks a lot.

Hi! Sorry for a while. Currently I use different solution based on sqlite cli and quering sqlite database of urBackup server. There is JSON return available. If it possible for you to run Zabbix ^4.0 you can use this metrics for example:

  1. Main item: system.run[/path/to/sqlitecli -attributes,wait] - always return string, this is why you need JS parsing.
  2. Use JavaScript preprocessing: there is a lot of basic standard Zabbix templates you can check it there.
    Examble this script parse JSON return you have and prepare it for Zabbix ({data:[{metrics}, {metrics}…]}):

var value2 = JSON.parse(value)
var data = value2[“ata_smart_attributes”][“table”]
var temp = []
for (var i = 0, len = data.length; i < len; i++) {
“{#PROPID}”: data[i][“id”],
“{#PROPNAME}”: data[i][“name”],
“{#VALUE}”: data[i][“value”],
“{#WORST}”: data[i][“worst”],
“{#RAW}”: data[i][“raw”][“value”],
“{#PREFAIL}”: data[i][“flags”][“prefailure”]
return JSON.stringify({data: temp})

  1. Use discovery rule:
    Create discovery rule of Dependent type using Master item from step 2.
    And create items prototypes.

Check any Zabbix standard templates wehere master item like RAW data etc. And with Discovery rule on it.
This way you can set monitoring running without maintaining backup node local python scripts and avoid dependence from uroni web api and python dependences. Also there is different sqlite clients you can use your own created on any language you want. urBackup databases as I remeber can be found in /usr/share/urbackup… There is several files choose with the latest data or copy it on your GUI machine for internal research with SQLite GUI client. DB structure very simple.