2.2.11-cbt beta client backing up full .avhdx files every time


These are the snapshot diff’s of Hyper-v disk vhd(x) files. Looks like it doesn’t/can’t track the block changes?

Is this a limitation of the client?


Hi silversword,

I believe Uroni was already working on this, I believe a new server version (2.3.0) is in testing now that should have better compatibility with Hyper-V disks to solve this issue.


It should track them if the paths are the same between different backups.

Are you using btrfs/ZFS on the server? Otherwise it cannot store them… Plus you need to set the block hash transfer mode to only transfer them.


ZFS on the server. I’ll test with the block hash transfer mode, thanks!


You’ll also have to use the Copy-on-write file backups with ZFS ( https://www.urbackup.org/administration_manual.html#x1-11200011.7.2 )