1.4.14 install on CentOS 7 - connection refused to server

Worked on this for a few hours now and I can’t figure out what’s wrong - I got all the dependencies (I hope), firewall is disabled, and all I keep getting is connection refused when trying to reach the server. Can someone point me in the direction of logs for Urbackup?

This is what I get:
[root@computer ~]# urbackup_srv run
2016-07-11 17:19:27: Creating SOCKET…
2016-07-11 17:19:27: Looking for old Sessions… 0 sessions
2016-07-11 17:19:27: done.
2016-07-11 17:19:27: Server started up sucessfully!

Output for ss -l does not list any programs that are listening on 55414.

[root@computer ~]# wget http://localhost:55414
–2016-07-11 17:19:46-- http://localhost:55414/
Resolving localhost (localhost)…, ::1
Connecting to localhost (localhost)||:55414… failed: Connection refused.
Connecting to localhost (localhost)|::1|:55414… failed: Network is unreachable.