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Show host names with prefixes/FQDN (1)
List mounted images and unmount them in Web UI (1)
Synthetic VHDs with RAW image backups on BTRFS/ZFS via clone copy (4)
Check firewall rules (1)
Preconfiguring urbackup to handle oulook PST (9)
File backup without hardlinks, only symlinks (1)
Make Urbackup Docker fit for being featured with Univention UCS (2)
Integrate backup to tape (6)
Metered Connection awareness (6)
When creating new user - include manual_archive in default permissions for single device (1)
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Option to start missed incremental backup on reconnect (3)
Does urbackup support differential backups? (4)
Data Encryption on client side (4)
Feature suggestion: Client id number on status page (6)
Option in client to not wait for local backup server and directly connect to internet server (3)
Android UrBackup Client (4)
Backup status for each drive (2)
Seperate edit boxes for ; seperated lists (2)
Pause backups while Restore is running (1)
Turn off auto log out and fresh page automatic? (3)
Display write speed of final storage in Activity tab (1)
Client email notifications (5)
Generate warning if server is backing up it's own temp directories (1)
Display a warning on mis-matching paths in backupfolder (1)
Show what files changed since last backup (1)
Small request on the webinterface about timeout (5)
Server post install script variables (1)